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Try on 3 bridesmaid dresses to try on at home for $10.
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Why Try at Home?
Our Try at Home program is an ultra-convenient way for brides and bridesmaids to try on dresses without ever having to leave home. Whether you're deciding on your overall wedding vision or trying to find the perfect dress, our Try at Home program lets you try a range of styles and sizes to make sure that what you see online looks just as amazing on you and in person.
How much does it cost?
$30 for 3 sample dresses, shipping included.
Should I try on for style or size?
We built our Try at Home collection to offer you a range of styles and sizes that will help you with both decisions. While we cannot guarantee that we will have every style in your exact color and size, the best way for us to meet your needs is to connect you directly with a style consultant. She can make sure your box includes the perfect mix of style samples, sizing samples and color swatches to meet your needs.
Can I try on more or less?
Absolutely! You can order one, two, five or ten dresses to try. We love when brides order a bunch of dresses and have all the bridesmaids over for a fit party. Connect directly with a style consultant to help you plan your own fit party (like this or this) and make sure to send us a picture of the fun.
Can I request a specific color?
We are constantly adding new samples to our collection, but unfortunately we do not have every color (our designers offer over 500 choices!) in every style and size. We still think its really important - this is a wedding after all - so we are happy to include a free fabric swatch in the color and fabric you're searching for. Just connect with your style consultant to request it!
Can I request a specific size?
Of course! Talk to your style consultant. In some cases we may not have your exact size in your exact style, but we can send you a sample that fits similarly to give you a better idea.
How long does it take for a Try at Home box to arrive?
Many styles will be available to ship to you within 1 week. Our most popular styles may have a waitlist, which may extend the shipping time. If your selected style is not available for immediate try on, your style consultant will reach out to give you more information and options.
What if I'm in a rush?
Let us know. We can't promise miracles, but we come in the office everyday ready to do whatever we can for you.
Do you ship overseas?
Unfortunately our Try at Home program is only available in the contiguous United States (excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico).
How long can I keep my Try at Home box?
Sample dresses should be sent back within 4 days of receiving the Try at Home box. Inside the box you will find a UPS return label to use. If you need some extra time with the samples, please contact your style consultant to let us know. You can also e-mail .
What happens if I forget to send back my Try at Home box within 4 days?
If we haven’t heard from you and your box isn’t on the way back, your order status will be considered overdue and we may charge you the full retail value of the merchandise in your possession. Check out our late fee policy